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Former Secretary of State John Kerry, author of Every Day is Extra, predicted that “lives will be lost” due to President Trump’s position on climate change, calling his time in office a matter of “life and death.”

Announcement at climate summit comes after former US secretary of state John Kerry warns that international action is slowing

While celebrating the win, activists noted that "construction of the Bayou Bridge Pipeline continues in other parts of the Atchafalaya Basin" and vowed to keep fighting to completely shut down the project

As President-elect Donald J. Trump considers whether to break the United States commitment to the Paris climate accord, the rise of clean energy across the heartland is already too well entrenched to be reversed.

Though water protectors have held their ground at Standing Rock against the Dakota Access pipeline for months now, they need only push for a month and a half longer until it is possible that their mere presence may actually kill the oil-funneling project.

West Virginia property owners won an important case at the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals on Tuesday when that Court sided with Appalachian Mountain Advocates attorneys, ruling that the Mountain Valley Pipeline cannot survey for its proposed natural gas pipeline without landowner permission.

Ta’u, America Samoa – In what is a sure sign of things to come, Tesla and SolarCity have wired an entire island, Ta’u in America Samoa, to run on solar energy. After Tesla completed a $2.6 billion acquisition of Solar City this week, the company announced their most stunning solar project to date.

Fifteen of the sixteen hottest years ever recorded have occurred during this new century, and the near-unanimous scientific consensus attributes the principal cause to human activity. The U.S. military’s latest National Security Strategy says that climate change is “an urgent and growing threat to our national security, contributing to increased natural disasters, refugee flows, and conflicts over basic resources like food and water.”

Supporters of nuclear power like to argue that nukes are the key to combatting climate change. Here’s why they are dead wrong.

With Big Oil behind it, the government has sought to dismiss the case, which has been called 'the most important lawsuit on the planet right now'

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