How about some good news? Kansas Democratic Representative advances bill for Native Peoples.

Kansas Republicans have stood fervently in opposition to ACA and Medicaid Expansion. In a floor speech during the tax debate, Mary Pilcher-Cook (R-Johnson County) referred to Medicaid expansion as "evil," and during a conference committee handed out leaflets noting the "evils of Obamacare" as a reason to look at charging insurance providers a fee in the state of Kansas.

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The Republican electoral sweep in yesterday’s elections has put an end to speculation over whether new laws making it harder to vote in 21 states would help determine control of the Senate this year. But while we can breathe a sigh of relief that the electoral outcomes won’t be mired in litigation, a quick look at the numbers shows that in several key races, the margin of victory came very close to the likely margin of disenfranchisement.